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Name Tabs

The name tabs are optional and just require the user to check a box and add the text.
The tab is added using a CSS :before selector and the text is inserted into the "content" property. This has the advantage of keeping the tab content separate from the code so that it doesn't get picked up accidentally when a vistor selects the code to copy it.

Styles & Line Numbers

[1] Only one style can be used on any page - either the "Light" or "Dark" theme.
[2] If line numbers are selected on one widget, they must be selected on all the Code Syntax widgets on the page.
[3] The code inserted in the widgets will not be seen in EverWeb when "Show Line Numbers" is selected.



Adding A Script Type

The "script-language" and the "themes" folders are included in the widget download folder.
Open the "script-language" folder to find the required script language javascript file.
Control (right) click the widget and choose "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu.
Drag or copy & paste the required javascript file into the folder.
Control (right) click the info.xml file and choose a suitable appliaction to open it. If no code editor is available use TextEdit.app.
In line 17, either add a new string with the appropriate javascript file or edit an existing one which is not required.
Go to the "Language" control on line 33 and add or substitute the script type name in the option descritption tag.
Close the widget package and double click it to install in EverWeb.
Make sure the EverWeb window is closed during the installation.

Change The Theme

Open the "themes" folder, drag the required CSS file into the widget package and delete the existing one.
Go to line 11 in the info.xml file and change the styesheet name.

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