HTML5 Auto Columns

Newspaper style columns can be set up and styled using CSS.
The number of columns is defined by the value assigned to the "column-count" property.
If the "Responsive" box is checked, the number of columns can be set for computer, tablet and mobile phone.
The spacing of the columns is adjusted using column-gap"
The vertical divider is styled using the "column-rule" property by specifying the width, style and color of the vertical line.
Column Width
For a fixed width item, the column width can be set in pixels. In this case, the container width is adjustable and it can be made responsive so the column width varies with container width.
Text Align
The default text align is left but there is an option for "justify" for those who need the "biblical" look and want to make the text extremely difficult to follow for those who have reading difficulties
Paragraph Headings
The paragraph headings are created using <span></span> tags and the font size, color, font style and font weight can be changed in the widget settings panel.
Text Links
Text links can be inserted using HTML. These can be styled in the widget settings for color, text decoration and hover color.

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