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Multi page PDFs can present a problem in that it is difficult to get them to scroll when viewed on a touch device like an iPad without uploading them to Google Docs.
A much easier solution is to let the browser handle the problem by providing a link to the PDF file to open it in the same or a new window.
Although visitors can download a PDF from the browser, it's a lot more convenient if they are provided with a link to a zipped version of the file.
PDFs In EverWeb
When a PDF is dragged onto the EverWeb Assets List it will offer a default option of "Convert to Web Resolution". Ignore this and choose "Add to External Files".
Although files on a Mac can be zipped by selectimg the in the Finder and choosing "lCompress" from the File menu, the end result is confusing when it is downloaded to a device using ant version of Microsoft Windows® operating system.
Use the freeware YemuZip to compress and create a PC compatible version of the file.
Single PDF
The first widget shown above creates a container with a text description and one or two links - one for "View" and the other for "Download".
The files can be chosen from the EverWeb Assets List or added from an external source.
The "View" link has the option to open the link in a new browser window.
PDF List
The second example creates a list of PDFs with a description and one or two links.
Local files are dragged into the EverWeb main Assets List. To get the URL, select the file, right (or control) click, choose "Copy relative File Path" and then paste this into the appropritae URL box in the widget settings.
External files can be launched using a relative or absolute file path depending on where they are located.
The list items can be separated by a line with controls for height and color if required.
Container Styles
The widgets have options to style the container with a border and/or a box shadow and to set a link icon hover color for use when the page is viewed on a computer.
Both widgets offer a field to add a title attribute which will show on hover when the page is viewed on a computer.

EverWeb Widgets