CTA Link

The CTA (call to action) has become an essential component in modern web design. It has proved to be far more effective in persuading visitors to click through to other pages of the site.
The CTA should be used instead of text links where possible on the full version of the site - especially if there is no separate version of the site for tablet devices. It should be used for all hyperlinks on the mobile version of the site.
Mobile Links
Text links are useless for pages that will be viewed on a touch device like an iPad or iPhone. To comply with Google's criteria for mobile links, they need to be a minimum of 28px in height and 32px wide for fingertips and 40px for thumbs.
The link text is centered by default but can be aligned left or right if the text extends to two or more lines. In this case, left/right padding should be added. Use the HTML line break <br> to create returns.
The widget width is adjusted to suit the content using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector and the height can be increased/decreased by adjusting the values for top/bottom padding and line height.
The text can use a web safe font or a non websafe or Google hosted font with web safe fallback.
There are controls for setting a hover color when the widget is used on the full version of the site.
The background color has adjustable opacity to give the CTA link that floating look.
There are controls for border width, color and radius and for the box shadow radius and color.
Link To
The link can be configured to open an internal page or an external page or file.
Links are configured to open the linked page in different ways using the "target" atribute.
Set the target to "self" for the link to open in the same window or when used on the mobile version of the site.
Set the target to "blank" to open the link in a new window.
When creating a content page to display in an iframe on another page of the site, set the target to "top" to allow the linked page or file to open in a full browser window outside of the frame.

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