Audio & Video

The widget creates a link which opens a FaceTime video connection when used on computers and iPads but has an option for an audio only connection when used on an iPhone.
When viewed on a computer or iPad, the tab has a FaceTime Video icon which is square with radiused corners. On an iPhone, when the widget is set to audio only, the tab displays the FaceTime Phone icon.
If viewing this page on a computer, reduce the browser width to see the change in icon and style. The break point at which this change takes place is set to 739px so that the Phone icon will appear on the largest iPhone in landscape mode.

Widget Settings

The widget has a field for the FaceTime account. This can be entered as an email address or a mobile phone number
NOTE: The phone number is entered as a string of digits with no spaces, hyphens or brackets.
The video icon can be styled using the controls for border width, border color and border radius and box shadow radius and color. It also has options for a hover shadow.
The mobile icon is round and has controls for setting the border width and color and a box shadow radius and color.
If using the audio only option, check the box for "Audio On iPhone" to see the phone icon on the EverWeb design canvas so that it can be styled.

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