Sticky Footer

The footer is full width, responsive and sticks to the bottom of the browser window.
It can have a gradient background color with different angle settings and a separator line for when the footer background is the same as the browser/page content background.
Text & Links
The text area is centered and can have as many lines as required by using the HTML5 line break <br> to create returns. Text hyperlinks can be created and the styles for color, hover color and text decoration are included in the widget settings. See the Hyperlinks info page for how to set up hyperlinks and get them to open in a new window if required.
Copyright Year Auto Update
A separate control is used for adding the copyright info. Use &copy; to create the © symbol. The widget has a feature for auto updating the copyright year. Enter the text followed by a space, a hyphen and another space and then check the "Auto Date" box.
Logo Link
An image link can be added on the left side of the footer and has adjustments for size and position. The image has a hover box shadow to give visitors using computers a clue that it is a link.
There is a checkbox for making the box shadow fit a round image correctly.
Smooth Scroll Top
The optional scroll to the top chevron apears at the right and has controls for color and position and for setting the scroll speed in milliseconds. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click or tap it to see it in action.
Since the footer is responsive, it is suitable for use on full site pages that are designed to display properly on tablets too when using full width, responsive widgets. The widget code includes a feature to prevent phone numbers being displayed as ugly hyperlinks when viewed on a device like an iPad.
Page Settings
The widget is NOT inserted in the footer area of EverWeb so the Footer Width should be set to zero in the Page inspector. It can be placed anywhere on the design canvas and will always appear at the bottom of the browser window. Use the Metrics inspector or the Arrange menu to set it to "Always On Top" so that it appears above the page content at all times.


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