EverWeb Widgets

Social Media Links

This widget creates a group of social media links which can be aligned horizontally or vertically. The horizontal tabs can be fixed in position in relation to the browser window top or bottom and the vertical tabs in relation to the browser left or right.
The social media icons are created using the FontAwesome stylesheet and the required ones are displayed by checking their select boxes. Each link has a box for changing the default URL and an optional title attribute. The text in the title attribute appears when the icon is hovered.
The last link is a share by email with fields for inserting the email subject and the content with a hyperlink to the page to be shared.
When the widget is inserted, the tabs are layed out horizontally by default. To create vertical tabs, drag the widget width down to the width of one tab and increase the height. The tabs can also be arranged in rows since there is a control for vertical spaccing as well as horizontal.