VideoJS MP4 Video

Responsive Video

Insert an MP4 video using the VideoJS script to create uniform controls on all devices.
A poster image is loaded on page load and the video file is prevented from loading until the visitor chooses to play it. This helps to speed up the page download time.
NOTE: The poster image and the video file should have the same aspect ratio and the file names should have no special characters or spaces in them.
The video can be made responsive by checking the Full Width box in the Metrics inspector and setting the maximum width wider than the page content width.
The video is inserted in an HTML5 container which can be styled with padding, background color and opacity, border, radius and box shadow.
As with other types of media, videos are better to be inserted in a container with a title and text description for the benefit of botht the visitors and the search engines. Widgets for this purpose can be found in the Audio-Video section.

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