Image Hue Rotate
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Hue Rotate Animation

The widget inserts an image in an HTML5 figure element with optional figcaption. The image can be configured as a hyperlink to open an internal or external page and open in a new window if required.
The container can be styled with padding, background color and opacity and have a border and/or a box shadow.
The effect is created by rotating the hue angle over time. The start angle is zero and the "rotate to" angle is set in the widget settings.
The time for a cycle to complete is set in seconds. The number of times the animation repeats can be set and there is a checkbox to set this value to infinite.
In this example the settings are …
Rotate Angle: 270º
Time: 15 seconds
Count: infinite

The image is configured as a hyperlink to a page demonstrating the various CSS filter effects.

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