Hover To Flip

The hover animation should only be used on the full site since hovers don't work on tablet and mobile phones.
The optional link tab can be set up as a hyperlink to an internal or external page with the option to open in a new window.
Note that the content is automatically centered vertically in the container.

Click To Flip

This version should be used on the mobile version of the site or on the full site if there is no separate version for tablet devices.
The widget is set to flip on the Y axis and shows the optional info tab which gives visitors a clue that they should hover, click or tap it. It can be positioned top or bottom, left or right.
NOTE: The optional link tab cannot be used when the widget is set to animate on click.

Flip X On Hover - Optional Hyperlink

Flip Y On Click Or Tap For Touch Devices

Hover Or Click Image To Flip

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