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Image Info Overlay

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Image Info Overlay On Click

The image has an info button which fades in an overlay on click. The overlay has a heading, text and a CTA style hyperlink which can be configured as an internal or external link to open in a new window if required.
The image can be made responsive if required. Refer to the Info section to find out about responsive items.
Info Button
Once the image has been inserted, its size adjusted and alt text added, the info button can be styled for color, background color and its opacity and its position set. It can be positioned top or bottom and left or right.
Checking a box will reveal the overlay for editing the content.
Enter the heading and text. Use the HTML line break <br> to create returns. See the Info section for more about entering text in widgets.
Check the box to add the optional CTA link, enter the link text and select the "Link to:" page or check the box and enter a URL for an external link.
The items in the overlay can have their vertical spacing adjusted and the text box has a percentage value adjustment for the inset distance from the image edge.
The container can be styled with a border and/or a box shadow if required.

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