EverWeb Image Insert Widget
Image Hyperlink & Title Attribute

Image Insert

This widget is used to insert a JPEG or PNG image, configure it as a hyperlink if required and add numerous styling options.
After the image is inserted and alt text for SEO add, it can have padding added to show the background. This background is adjustable for color and opacity. A border can be added using the controls for border width, border color and border radius.
A box shadow can be added using the controls for shadow radius and color. There is also a checkbox which will turn a square image round and a rectangular on oval.
A checkbox allows the image to be configured as a hyperlink to an internal or external page with the option to open in a new window.
Checking another box allows the addition of title text which is displayed on hover.
The optional caption can use a websafe font or a non websafe or hosted font with a websafe fallback which is adjustable for font size, color, text align and line height.
The caption can extend to two or more lines by using the HTML line break <br> to create returns.
Checking a box allows the bottom padding to be adjusted to suit the caption.

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