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The container is full width, responsive with a maximum width setting. There is an optional heading, an optional image with alt text and optional caption, the audio MP3 player, optional Title and Date fields followed by descriptive text and the © info.
The player is created using a modified version of AudioJS. The adjustments were required to make the player itself responsive.
The player is centered in the container and has a maximum width setting. This allows its width to be controlled separate from that of the container.
AudioJS was used since it has a large enough play/pause button for fingertip operation and there is no volume control since this is pretty much useless for touch devices like the iPad and iPhone.
The time section shows elapsed time and track duration. Skipping or replaying can be achieved by clicking or tapping anywhere on the progress bar.
The image has a control for setting the percentage width. It becomes full width when the page is viewed on a mobile phone. If viewing this page on a computer, reduce the browser width to see the change.
The download link is optional and can be aligned left, center or right. To get the URL, drag the ZIP file into the Assets List, select it, control (right) click it and select "Copy Relative File Path". Paste this into the URL box in the widget settings.

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