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  1. Track Title
    Artist/Band Name
    Date: Contrasting field using a <span> tag
    Info about the artist and the track
  2. Both the player and its container are responsive with maximum width settings
  3. Play is implemented using the play button or clicking on any track title
  4. The playing track has a contrasting color option
  5. The player will automatically progress through the tracks
  6. The list style type can be changed between disc, circle, decimal, decimal leading zero, lower-alpha, none, square and upper-alpha
  7. The player can have up to 100 tracks
  8. Download in the browser is fast since the audio files are not downloaded until selected
  9. The text content can be expanded to two or more lines using the HTML line break <br>
    Use a span tag <span></span> and style it with a contrasting color for date if required
  10. The container is an HTML5 figure element with optional image and caption
  11. NOTE: The the audio player will not appear in EverWeb. Preview in the browser to test settings
  12. The © info is optional but should be included in most cases

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