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Highway Of DreamsRoddy McKay12/12/2009
Midnight TrainSlick Smith01/01/2010
Peace RiverDave Johnson02/03/2011
Railroad To HellJoe Anderson05/19/2012
Rule Of The RoadZach Black07/23/2013

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The widget is available in two versions - internal and external.
The internal version uses MP3 files that have been dragged into the EverWeb Assets List.
The external version can use files which are stored in another folder on the same or a different server. This allows archived podcasts to stored outside of the EverWeb project.
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The MP3 files need to be created as a ZIP file to allow them to be downloaded via the "Link" column. These can either be dragged into the EverWeb Assets List or be stored in another folder depending the widget version.
Creating the ZIP files using the "Compress" function in the Finder's File menu is not recommended since the resulting download confuses Windows® OS users. Use the freeware YemuZip to create a PC compatible zip file.
NOTE: If set in responsive mode, this widget will perform well on tablet devices. However, being a table, it is not suitable for the mobile phone version of the site.

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