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My First Podcast

February 8 2017 - Duration: 5:30

A podcast or videocast needs a title and full text description which includes keywords that potential visitors will use to find it. The search engines cannot index an audio or video file's content so, without this description, the podcast may as well not exist!
This description will also help visitors decide to listen to it, bookmark it for later and sign up to be included in the list of subscribers.
The widget has an optional image with alt text which is centered and can be set to a percentage width when the page is viewed on a computer or tablet. The image width will switch to full width when viewed on a mobile phone.
The MP3 player is a simple play/pause button which is large enough to make it an easy target for fingertips on touch devices.
Since all the elements are contained in an HTML5 section, the title is an h1 heading so this is where the most important keywords should be inserted. This would be the subject and perhaps the author's name if they are well known in a particular field.
The field for date and/or duration is optional and can have a different font size and color from the rest of the text.
One of CTA link tabs is configured as an internal hyperlinks and its obvious use is to return the visitor to the list of podcasts. The other one is configured as an external link and can be used to link to a ZIP file of the audio MP3 for subscribers to download and listen to on their computer at leisure.
The optional field for copyright info is centered and has its own control for font size.
The comments section is optional and uses Disqus. It requires the Disqus "shortname" for general use and the page URL and identifier for use with a specific podcast or videocast.
The optional footer has a function for auto updating the website copyright date and a smooth scroll, back to the top chevron style tab. Along with a suitable header/navigation widget, this allow the creation of a fully responsive page which will display correctly on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

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