MP4 Videocast

Videocast Using An MP4 File


The widget inserts an MP4 video file along with a poster image, heading, optional date, text info, an optional download link and copyright info.
The elements are contained in an HTML5 section which can be styled with a border and border radius
The poster image should have the same aspect ratio as the video file and the file size chosen with respect to the maximum size the image will be displayed at.
The MP4 video file can either be loaded from the EverWeb Assets List or from an external folder via a relative or absolute URL.
The container and its contents can be made responsive by checking the "Full Width" box in the Metrics inspector and setting a maximum width.
The "Back To List" link is set up as an internal link and the optiona "Download" link as an external one. The download file should be zipped and either uploaded to a folder on the server and accessed using an absolute URL or dragged into EverWeb Assets. In the latter case, the file should be right clicked to copy the relative file path and this should be pasted into the URL box in the widget settings.
The comments section is optional and uses Disqus. It requires the Disqus "shortname" for general use and the page URL and identifier for use with a specific podcast or videocast.
The optional footer has a function for auto updating the website copyright date and a smooth scroll, back to the top chevron style tab. Along with a suitable header/navigation widget, this allow the creation of a fully responsive page which will display correctly on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

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