3 Column Footer

Hero Footer

This full width, fixed height footer is designed to be situated at the bottom of a page created with stacked Hero widgets.
The footer consists of three columns. Each one has an optional heading, text and an optional CTA style tab which can be configured as a link to an internal page.
There is a full width text block for the copyright info which has the option to auto update the copyright year.
The smooth scroll to the top chevron up icon is also optional and is positioned at the top right of the footer container.
The footer has an optional top border which can be used to visually separate it from the content area when both have the same background color.
Each column has its own control for text align to suit different types of content.
Text is entered as HTML so line breaks are created using the HTML which is <br>. See the INFO page for more about this subject.
There are controls in the widget settings for styling any text hyperlinks used in the footer. These are for color, hover color and text decoration. Find out more about Links.
Email Link
More experienced users will be able to create email links. This is the syntax …

<a href="mailto:info@my-website.com?subject=Email Subject">Email Me</a>

…where the items are the email address, subject line and link text respectively.
Phone Numbers
Since these widgets are designed to create full width, responsive pages which can also be viewed on tablets like the iPad, phone numbers need special consideration. Since a text phone number will be converted into an ugly browser default link when the page is viewed on an iPad, the widget contains meta data to prevent this.
Fixed Footer
In this examplepage, the Hero Header & Navigation widget is followedby a responsive text widget whose height varies with device width. To use the Hero Footer beneath this, the "Fix Footer" box in the widget settings is checked and the widget is set to "Always On Top" using the Arrange menu or the Metrics inspector.


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