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Info Panel

This is the info text. The info panel has adjustable width and background opacity.
Use <br> to create line breaks.

Info Link
Info Overlay Slideshow

Info Link

The info link has options for color, hover color and text-decoration.

More Info


Find out how to create responsive pages in an EverWeb project …

More Info
Info Overlay

Slideshow Options

The slider has a lazy loading option and can be autoplayed with variable slide time and a pause on hover option.

Info Overlay Slideshow

The responsive slider has a maximum width setting to stop it getting to large at wide browser settings and has controls for adding a border around the images.
The info panel has a background with variable color and opacity. It contains a heading, text block and an info link. The panel width can be set and the height automaticall increases as content is added.
Lazy Loading
The slider is suitable for displaying a large number of images if the lazy loading feature is turned on. This allows only the previous, current and next images to be downloaded with the rest of the web page content. The rest are downloaded as required.
The slideshow can be navigated using the optional arrows or by grab and drag on computers. The slides can be swiped when the page is viewed on touch devices like the iPad and iPhone.
The transition can be either slide or fade and the transition time can be varied. In autoplay, the slide time can be set in milliseconds and there is a control to turn on a pause on hover function.
Responsive Page
There is an optional heading and text block for adding a title and description of the slideshow for the visitors and the search engines. This can be placed either above or below the slideshow.
The optional footer has auto update of the copyright year and an optional smooth scroll to the top chevron to allow the creation of a fully responsive page when combined with a suitable header/navigation widget and/or any of the HERO widgets.

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