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  • Image Caption<br>Position Top 10%
  • Manual or Autoplay
  • Optional Image Links
  • Optional Arrows<br>& Pager Dots
  • Pause On<br>Hover Option
  • Adaptive Height Option

Ken Burns Effect Slideshow

The slideshow has a Ken Burns effect and can be navigated using the previous and next arrows or the pager dots - both of which are optional.
In autoplay mode, the slide time can be set. This should be equal to or greater than the transition time. There is an option for pause on hover which is useful for when the images are hyperlinks to another page.
The slideshow stage has an option for adding a border to help define the images from the page background.
Due to the way in which the Ken Burns effect works, the images should have a width about 20% greater the maximum width setting applied to the slider.
Adaptive Height
There is a checkbox to allow the slider to adapt to images of varying height or aspect ratio.
Captions are optional and centered. Their position can be set to top or bottom and the distance from the edge is set as a percentage since the slider is responsive.
NOTE: The image captions are derived from the alt text attribute so, descriptive captions should be entered even if they are not being displayed.
Responsive Page
There is an optional heading and text block for adding a title and description of the slideshow for the visitors and the search engines. This can be placed either above or below the slideshow.
The optional footer has auto update of the copyright year and an optional smooth scroll to the top chevron to allow the creation of a fully responsive page when combined with a suitable header/navigation widget and/or any of the HERO widgets.

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