Scroll To Fixed Anchor

The link is comprised of two images - one on top of the other. On hover, the bottom image is revealed.
The link will move up the page on scroll and then fix itself at a predetermined distance from the top so that it remains in view.
One click, the anchor link will cause the page to smooth scroll to the anchor point.
The link can be styled with a border and or box shadow and has a checkbox to ensure that these will display correctly if the image is round.
The link ID number must be the same as the corresponding anchor target.
The scroll time is set in milliseconds.
Several of these links can be used "inline" to create a smooth scroll navigation to the various sections of pages with a lot of content or for one page websites.
The widget has an option to link to an anchor on another page of the site or an external page and open the linked page in a new window if required.
NOTE: This widget is not suitable for use with iPad or iPhone due to a bug in iOS.

Anchor Target


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