• 100%
  • 95%
    Bar [1]
  • 80%
    Bar [2]
  • 60%
    Bar [3]
  • 40%
    Bar [4]
  • 70%
    Bar [5]
  • 50%
    Bar [6]

Bar Chart

The chart can have up to twelve items - each with its own custom color if required. It is made responsive by checking the Full Width box in the Metrics inspector and setting a maximum width.
The Y axis is optional and will disappear when the page is viewed on the narrower screens of tablets and smart phones.
There is a checkbox for turning on the percentage value of each bar.
Bars are added using the EverWeb widget API Assets List and for entering the values shown in the bars and the labels which are shown along the X axis.
The text can use a web safe font or a non web safe font or a Google hosted one with a web safe fallback.
The background and label colors can be changed and the container can have a border and/or a box shadow.
The last two items are a checkbox for turning on the animation and a box for setting the animation time in milliseconds.

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