May 2020VenueInfoTimeWebsite
Monday 7thCity HallCouncil Elections6am - 10 pmInfo
Tuesday 8thAstrodomeChildren's Flying Saucers10am - 4pmMore…
Friday 11thRoyal TheatreAstronaut's Rock Concert8 - 11pmTickets
Saturday 12thMeadows ArenaInter Planet Football2 - 6pmInfo
Thursday 17thCentral ParkTwo Man Space Rocket Demo2 - 6pmWebsite
Friday 18thOlympic CenterShark Racing7 - 10pm Booking

EverWeb Widgets

Event List Table

The table can have up to five columns. The last one is configured as a hyperlink to a web page or download with more info and can open in a new window if required.
The table can be made responsive by checking the Full Width box in the Metrics insector and setting a maximum width.
The header can be turned on if required and can have contrasting colors.
The rows are added using the EverWeb widget API Assets List and the data for each cell is entered in the boxes below it. This allows row data to be entered quickly by tabbing down the boxes.
The widget can use a web safe font or a non web safe font or a Google hosted one with a web safe fallback and both the cells and the table itself can have borders if required.
As can be seen from the example above, zebra striping can be turned on and there are controls for setting the font colors and background colors of the odd and even rows.

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