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Link Column Table

The table can have up to five columns plus a link column. The link column creates a link tab with contasting link and hover color and background. The link can be relative one to an internal page or absolute one to an external page or file. The hyperlink can open in a new window if required.
Note how the link in the last row is a download link to a zip file.
When using the table on a page that will be viewed on a touch device like an iPad or iPhone, make sure the top/bottom padding is at least 7px to give the tab sufficient height for fingertips.
The table header can have a contrasting font and background color, has options for font style and weight and the text can be aligned left or center.
The rows are added using the EverWeb widget API Assets List and the data for each cell is entered in the boxes below it. This allows row data to be entered quickly by tabbing down the boxes.
The widget can use a web safe font or a non web safe font or a Google hosted one with a web safe fallback.
The cell borders are adjustable for width and color and the table can have an overall border and/or box shadow.

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