Auto Scrolling List

The list can accept up to 100 items and can be used for news items, blog posts, info links etc.
The list can scroll constantly with a pause on hover option or scroll one item at a time with a preset delay between each one.
The optional main heading is sticky and can have a contrasting background as shown.
Each list item consists of a heading, optional date field, text and an optional CTA style link tab.
The date field can be used as an extra paragraph and has separate controls for font size and color.
The link can be configured to open in a new window if required and can be aligned left, center or right.

Widget Settings

When setting up the widget, its height can be set to expose all the items as they are added. Once all the list items are finished, its height is then reduced to the required amount. This is best done with the optional header hidden.
Scroll Options
The speed can be set between 10 and 50 - lower is faster.
The delay time is in seconds and sets the time that the list stops scrolling for each item. Set the time to zero for continuous scrolling.
Pause on hover is optional but should really be turned on in most cases - especially if continuous scrolling has been set.
List Items
The list items can be spaced out vertically if required amd can have a separator with adjustable width and color.
The list is contained in an HTML5 aside element which is used for supplementary, sidebar content with links to other pages.
The container has controls for setting border width, color and radius and box shadow radius and color.

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