Scroll Text

The container is an HTML5 section element with an optional heading and text. The container has a fixed height with the overflow hidden so that the content can be scrolled.
The heading can have a contrasting background and font color. The optional scroll arrows inherit the heading color.
The heading can either scroll with the rest of the content or stick in position while the text content scrolls. This is achieved by checking a box to apply the CSS "position:sticky".
The text can use a web safe font or a non web safe or Google hosted font with a web safe fallback.
The heading has controls for font size, color, background color, top/bottom padding, text align, font style and font weight.
Text is entered as HTML. Find out more about this in the Info section.
The text has controls for font size, color and line height. There is a control for setting the overall left/right padding.
Overall Styles
The container can be styled for background color, border width color and radius and box shadow radius and color.
There are controls for styling text links for color, hover color and text decoration. See the Info section to find out how to create text links.
The links have extra top/bottom padding added so that they are suitable for use when the page is viewed on a touch device like an iPad or iPhone. In this case, set the line height to 22px to make the links an easy target for fingertips.
When adding the content, drag the widget height to expose everything and then reduce the height to expose the required amount before publishing.
These boxes are ideal for use on both the mobile and the full versions of the site. Set up the mobile version first and then copy it over to the full site and adjust the width and height.
If a number of these boxes are being used, set up the basic box and style it on a template page so that it can be copied when required.
Note that a template page is not a master page. It is a page which is excluded from the navigation and contains basic elements that are used on many pages of the site.
If the template page is uploaded to the server, insert this code into the Head Code box in the Page inspector …
<meta name="robots" content="no index">
This will prevent the page from being indexed by the search engines.

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