The widget creates a sidebar with up to five items. Each item can have a heading with a contrasting background, an optional image, text content and an optional CTA style internal link.
The sidebar can be used as is, or by checking a box, can be made to scroll up and then fix at a predetermined distance from the top of the browser.
The sidebar can be styled with a border, border radius and a box shadow.

Scroll & Stick

The sidebar is used for info items and link which need to stay in view as the page is scrolled.
It can be used to provide basic info with links to other pages of the site such as contact, map, booking form, info about products and services etc.
The links are CTA style so that they are suitable for when the page is viewed on a touch device such as an iPad.

Web Design Hint #1001

When a phone number is placed on a page of the full site and a visitor views it on a touch device like an iPad, the number will be converted to an ugly looking hyperlink.
To avoid this, paste the following code into either the Head Code box in the Page inspector or the Site Wide code box on the Site Publishing Settings page if it is required on every page of the site …

<meta name="format-detection"content="telephone=no”>

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