The EverWeb Widgets site has a lot of pages and is composed of several directories which in turn hold more directories with demo pages. This would obviously require a large and confusing navigation menu.
To make it easier to navigate, all the category and demo pages have breadcrumbs rather than a navigation menu. This shows which page the visitor is currently viewing, the widget category list which they navigated from to get to this page and the home page. The category and home tabs are links to get back to these pages.
For most situations, these three tabs are enough. There is an option to add another tab in the event that a site has directories within directories.
File Paths
A navigation like this uses relative file paths so it is essential to understand how these work and how they are compiled by reading the Info page.
The home icon and the chevron separators are creating using CSS since it is important to avoid the use of images in a navigation menu - particularly if it is used on the mobile version of the site.
The widget can use a web safe font or a non web safe or Google hosted font with a web safe fallback.
The font can be styled for size, color, hover color, background color and background hover color.
The home icon and the chevrons can be separately styled for color and the navigation can have rounded corners if required.

EverWeb Widgets