Click Drop Navigation

The Click Link and Click Drop Navigation widgets can be used on their own to create a hyperlink tab and a click to open/close drop down menu.
They can be combined horizontally or vertically to create a two level navigation system for pages that will be viewed on tablets and mobile phones.
Link Tab
The tab can use a web safe font or a non web safe or Google hosted font with a web safe fallback. There are controls for setting the font size and color and the tab background and its opacity.
The tab width is adjusted using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector. The height is adjusted using the value for Vertical Padding. The minimum value for this setting should be 7px so that the link passes Google's test as being suitable for touch devices like the iPad and iPhone.
The tab can be styled with a border and radiused corners.
It can be configured as an internal link or an external one with the option to open in a new window if it is used on the full version of the site.
Drop Down
The controls for styling the tab or the same for this widget although there are extra controls for the drop down.
There is a checkbox to show the drop down menu while editing. The spacing between the drop down and the tab can be adjusted.
There are controls for font size, color, background color and its opacity, border width, color and radius and the separator height and color.
The menu can accomodate up to twelve links. The first two are shown and the rest are turned on as required by checking the boxes.
The tabs can be stacked vertically if required. Once all the tabs have been set up and the rest of the page content added, start at the bottom one and work to the top bringing them to the front using the Arrange menu.
The link tabs can have their text aligned left when used vertically.

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