Mobile Menu Navigation

These two widgets create a tab with a label which drops down the navigation on click or tap.
The label text can be changed to suit different uses or languages.
The navigation can use a web safe font or a none websafe or Google hosted font with web safe fallback.
The tab can be styled for font size, color, background color and opacity, padding, border width and color and border radius. The drop down inherits the tab styles.
The navigation tab can be situated to the left or right of the dropdown.
There is a control for showing the dropdown while editing to make life a little easier.
The drop down width and its vertical distance from the icon are adjustable.
The vertical spacing control is so that the dropdown can clear the header if the icon tab is inserted in it.
The dropdown can be styled with a separator which has controls for width and color.
The main navigation can have up to fourteen links. The last two can be configured as external ones. The sub navigation can have up to twelve links which should be more than enough for a directory.
There are controls for adding a separator with variable width and color.
Current Page
The navigation can indicate the "current" page by checking a box and setting a contrasting color.
Prior to publishing, the box is checked to hide the dropdown and the widget is brought to the front or set to "Always On Top" using the Arrange menu.

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