Responsive Switch Grid

A responsive grid using media queries and jQuery matchHeight. The layout of each grid changes depending on the browser or device width.
The main heading and this intro text can be switched to the bottom of the grid if required.
The grid uses the EverWeb widget API Assets List to add items and can accomodate up to 48. Items should be added in blocks of three to maintain a balance when viewed on computers..
Each grid item has an image with overlay info link, an h1 heading and text. The links can be turned off globaly if not required.
The matchHeight script is used to keep the height of the items equal despite varying content size.
If viewing on a computer, reduce the browser width or use its responsive mode to so how the layout changes with different browser widths and device types.
The optional footer has auto copyright year update and an optional smooth scroll to the top function.

switch grid


Business startup planning, supplies and maintenance services.

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Advertising publications, promotion and web site services.

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All types of business software for the Mac platform optimised for any type of company's needs.

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Custom setup with appropriate software for any type of business.

responsive grid


Set up for field operatives with a choice of shock proof waterproof military specification cases.

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Mobile Phones

Preinstalled with company web apps and secure connection to the cloud database of your choice.

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