Responsive Sidebar

On computers and tablets, the main section is situated to the left and the sidebar to the right. On mobile phones, the main section and the sidebar become full width and the sidebar sits below the main column.
The widget has a built in footer with options for auto copyright year update and smooth scroll to the top.
The h1 heading above is optional and this text block can be positioned below the columns if required by checking a box.
Like most of the more advanced widgets, text is entered as HTML. Please refer to the Info section for more about this.
Text hyperlinks can be created as shown in the Info section and are styled in the widget settings for color, hover color and text decoration.
NOTE: Since the page will be viewed on touch devices like the iPad and iPhone, the text hyperlinks have been given extra top and bottom padding to make sure they meet the minimum height requirement for a text hyperlink as set by Google when the font size is no less than 14px.
If all hyperlinks are not at least 28px in height for pages that will be viewed on touch devices, Google will reduce the ranking!
If viewing this page on a computer, slide the cursor vertically over a hyperlink to see how the height has been extended and the pointer style cursor appears 7px above and below the actual text. This makes sure that the link is a much easier target for fingertips.
When creating text for mobile devices, make sure the font size is no less than 15px and has a line height of at least 22px.

Main Section

Main Column Image

The main column occupies two thirds of the width. It has a heading, an optional image and a text block.
The image has a field for alt text and can be configured as a link to an internal page.
The images should be cropped to a suitable size before importing into EverWeb. Their actual width will depend on the maximum width setting applied to the widget.
In this example, the maximum width is set to 1200px so the main image is cropped to 800px wide and the sidebar image to 400px.

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