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Icon Links

Links can be square or round and have a border and/or a box shadow. The icon color and background can be changed and the background has an opacity slider.
The icon can change color on hover and show a title if required.
The link can be configured to open an internal or external page and has a new window option.
The EMAIL link has fields for email address, subject and content.
The PHONE link has a field for the phone number and can show the number on hover when viewed on computers.

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View or Download PDF

Tab Links

The tab links have all the featurs of the Icon Link and add the ability to insert a text description. It comes in two versions with the icon situated left or right.
The PDF link tab can show a view or a download link - or both. The PDF and the ZIP for download version can be added to the EverWeb Assets List External Files or be uploaded to an external folder or website.
For best results, use the freeware YEMUZIP to create a PC compatible zip file for the download version of the PDF.

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