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Icon Link Maker

The link maker converts any round or square image into a link which can be configured to open an internal or external page and in a new window if required.
NOTE: This widget is for round or square icons only. It does not create rectangular or oval links.
After choosing the image, adjust the size by holding down the "shift" key while dragging on any handle.
Check the box and enter a tilte to be shown on hover if required.
Choose the "Link to:" page or check the box and enter the file path to an external page.
Check the box to open the linked page in a new window if required.
The icon can be styled with a border which is adjustable for width, color and radius.
Check the box if the icon is round and set the hover box shadow radius and color if required.
There are two animation types available - scale or rotate. The scale animation has a control for setting the scale ammount.

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