Social Icon Links

The social icon set has 24 icons for the various social media sites plus an email and a "me" icon.
These icons are used on thousands of websites and have the advantage of being familiar to visitors.
All the icons are included in the widget which makes these links very easy to set up. The images are 64px square so thay will be retina quality when the links are set up at 32px square which is the smallest recommended size for use on touch devices like the iPad and iPhone.
The widget controls are really simple with an option drop down to select the icon type, a control for setting the size, a box for the URL and a checkbox for opening the link in a new window.
There is an option for setting up an email link with fields for email address, subject and content.
A title which appears on hover when the page is viewed on a computer can be added along with a box shadow to indicate the hover state.
There are options for adding either a scale or spin animation.

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