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Lazy Load Carousel

The carousel is responsive with a maximum width setting. The number of slides to show can be set as well as the number of slides to scroll. In this example, the latter is set to 1.
The navigation arrows sit outside of the slide container and disappear when the page is viewed on touch devices to be replaced by finger swiping.
The slideshow can be set to autoplay and there are controls for setting the slide time and the transition time.

Captions & Links

There are checkboxes for turning on captions and/or hyperlinks globally.
Captions can use a web safe font or a non web safe or Google hosted font with a web safe fallback. They can be styled for font size and color.
The image links can have either a relative or absolute URL and can be set to open in a new window if required.

Container Styles

The container can be styled for background color and its opacity. The slide spacing control adds a spacer which inherits the back ground color and its opacity setting.
A border and/or a box shadow can be added and the padding increased to allow for a border radius.

Image Loading

When the "Lazy Load" box is checked, only the images which are seen on page load are downloaded with the rest of the pages content. The other images which are out of the viewport are loaded as the next (or previous) arrow is clicked. This means that the carousel can accomodate a large number of images without effecting the page download speed.

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