Lazy Loading Hero Slider

The slideshow is full width, fixed height. There is a control for making it viewport height if required.
The navigation arrows can be turned off on mobile if required and replaced with swipe navigation.
The slideshow can be set to autoplay and there are controls for setting the slide time and transition time and for turning on pause on hover.

Caption & Links

There are checkboxes for turning on the captions and/or hyperlinks globally.
Captions can use a web safe font or a non web safe or Google hosted font with a web safe fallback . They can be styled for font size and color and the background is adjustable for color and opacity
The link tabs can have a border and hover color if required. Hyperlinks can have either a relative or absolute URL and can be set to open in a new window if necessary.

Image Loading

With lazy loading, only the first three images are downloaded with the rest of the pages content. The other images are loaded as the next (or previous) arrow is clicked or the slider is swiped on mobile devices. This means that the slider can accomodate a large number of hhigh resolution images without effecting the page download speed too much.


The captions and link tabs can be set to animate in if required. The animation times for the items is set globally but the animation direction can be set on a per slide basis.
The animation direction can be set to InLeft, InRight, InDown, InUp or none.

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