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Push 2 Level Navigation

A Push navigation is a full height panel which slides out from the left when triggered and dims the view of the page content by covering it with a transparent overlay.
There are two versions of the menu - a single level and a two level - and two methods of triggering them as described below.
The single level version is shown on the PREVIOUS page.
The top level can have up to six links. The last one can be configured as an external link if required.
There are three directories. One is obligatory and the other two can be turned on as needed. The directories can each have up to six links so the navigation is suitable for sites of up to twenty four pages.
The links can be styled for font size, color and separator color. The font can be web safe or non websafe or Google hosted with a web safe fallback.
The directories are indicated by a chevron down icon which switches to chevron up when the directory is open. Opening a directory will cause a previously opened one to close.
The menu can be triggered to slide in and out using either a stand alone tab with a "hamburger" icon or a responsive header like the one on this page with optional logo and h1 heading for the website name.
The navigation has a fixed position so it can be positioned anywhere in the content area.
It can also be set to "Allow free dragging" using the Metrics inspector and dragged out of the way to the left side of the EverWeb design canvas.
NOTE:The navigation must NOT be placed outside of the content to the right. Doing so will cause it to push the page layout to the left on mobile devices.

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