Slide In On Click Navigation

There are two versions of the widget to create menus that slide in from the left or from the right when the tab is clicked or tapped.
The navigation is fixed at a predetermined amount from the top of the browser or device window so that the tab always remains in view.
Each version of the menu can be configured as a main or sub navigation by selecting the appropriate menu tab icon type. The tabs can be style for icon color, background color and its opacity and the border radius of the outer corners.
The menu can have up to fourteen links. The last two can be configured as external links if required.
The links can be styled for background color and its opacity and font size and color. The font can be web safe or non websafe or Google hosted with a web safe fallback.
The links can have a separator which can be styled for width and color.
The navigation has a fixed position so it can be positioned anywhere in the content area.
It can also be set to "Allow free dragging" using the Metrics inspector and dragged out of the way to the left side of the EverWeb design canvas.
NOTE:The navigation must NOT be placed outside of the content to the right - even if it slides out from the right. Doing so will cause it to push the page layout to the left on mobile devices.

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