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Lazy Loading Swipe Mobile Slider

The responsive slideshow is navigated by swiping and has options for captions and hyperlinks. It is inserted into an HTML5 section element with an optional heading a text description.
The slideshow overcomes the problem of the visitor having to download all the images - whether they want to view them or not - by using lazy loading. This means that only the first image downloads on page load and the remaining ones are loaded on demand as the slider is swiped.
There are two checkboxes for adding the option to have image captions and to create the images as hyperlinks. The caption font size, color and background color are adjustable.
The slider has an optional fade transition and the transition time can be set in milliseconds.
There is no autoplay option since autoplay should never be used on mobile websites.
The images should be cropped to the maximum size that they will be displayed at on the largest device. The aspect ratio should be chosen to suit the expected orientation of the user's device.
Make sure the image file names have no spaces or special characters in them.
The optional heading and text block should be used to describe the images for both the visitors and the search engines. Mobile compatible text hyperlinks can be created as described in the Info section and styled in the widget settings.
The optional footer allows the creation of a completely responsive page and has options for auto update of the copyright year and a smooth scroll to the top chevron tab.

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