Mobile Lightbox

Slideshows are not the best way to display images on a mobile website. They require that all the image files are downloaded with the web page. The exception being the lazy loading slider on the previous page.
A lightbox slideshow launched from a single thumbnail is much more efficient since only the small image needs to be downloaded and the large image(s) is only downloaded when the vistor opens the slider.
This widget has an optional heading and paragraph before the image, a paragraph which wraps the image on wider screens and an optional footer with auto update and smooth scroll to the top options.

In addition to the lightbox icon at the top right, the thumbnail image has an optional caption with controls for varying the font size, color and the background color and its opacity.
Its percentage width is set to allow the text to wrap around it when the page is viewed in landscape mode. If the visitor is viewing in portrait mode, the image becomes full width.
The lightbox can hold a single large image or a group. The first image is chosen along with its corresponding thumbnail and the rest are added using the widget API Assets List.
The large image captions for these extra images in the Assets List are added by highlighting the image file name and entering the caption text in the box.
The lightbox slider has a control for limiting the percentage width of the slides to make sure that the full image is in view. Adjustments should be tested on a suitable device - or using the iOS Simulator - in both portrait and landscape mode.
The lightbox is closed by tapping anywhere off the image. If there is no room for this due to the image filling the screen, the percentage width of the slides should be decreased.
Text & Footer
The optional heading and text blocks should be used to describe the images for both the visitors and the search engines.
Mobile compatible text hyperlinks can be created as described in the Info section and styled in the widget settings.
The optional footer allows the creation of a completely responsive page and has options for auto update of the copyright year and a smooth scroll to the top chevron tab.

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