Mobile List

In web design, lists are most commonly created using an unordered list container with a number of list items
Using CSS, a list can have different types of "markers".
There is no such thing as "bullets" or "bullet points" which are terms used in print media.
In HTML, a "bulleted list" is an unordered list so called because the items are not in numerical or alphabetical order.

  • The list can have any amount of items which can be reordered by dragging. List items are added by clicking the "Add" button, highlighting the entry and entering the text in the "List Item"box.
    The entries can be named or number by selecting the item in the Assets List, clicking it and entering the number or item name.
  • The list style options are disc|circle|square|none|decimal|decimal-leading-zero|lower-alpha|upper-alpha
  • The list item marker can be positioned inside or outside of the list. In this example the numbers are placed outside the list
  • Both the list item inset and vertical spacing are adjustable
  • The widget can use either a web safe font or a non web safe font with web safe fallback. In the latter case, the font should be self or Google hosted
  • Text hyperlinks can be created and style with color, hover color and text decoration. See the Hyperlinks info page for how to set up hyperlinks and get them to open in a new window if required
  • Links must be given the correct class name …

    <a class="textLink" href="#">Link Text</a>

    Replace the hash # sign with the relative or absolute file path to the page or file
  • The list is made responsive by checking the Full Width box in the Metrics inspector and setting a maximum width
  • The widget has an optional h1 heading and a paragraph for a description of the list content.
  • The optional footer has an auto update function for the copyright date and a smooth scrolling "Go Top" chevron tab.

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