Responsive MP4 Video

The video uses the VideoJS script to create a uniform appearance across all browsers. By enter the width and height of the video file, an intrinsic aspect ration is calculated using javascript to enable the video to be responsive.
The video frame displays a poster image on page load and the video file is prevented from loading until the visitor actually plays it. This is an essential feature for video players used on mobile sites.
Inserting a video on its own is kind of useless in terms of SEO since the spiders have no idea what the video is about.
The widget has options for adding a heading and descriptive text. Since these are in the same parent container as the video and poster image, the search engines will see that this text is related to the media files.
The text can use a web safe font or a non websafe or Google hosted font with a web safe fallback. The heading can be styled for font size and text align and the text for size and line height.
Text links can be created as described in the Info section and the controls in the widget settings are for link color, background and opacity, text decoration top/bottom and left/right padding and border radius.
Adding padding to text hyperlinks is absolutely essential on mobile websites to increase the target area for fingertips rather than a cursor!
Links should be at least 28px in height and 32px wide for fingertips or 40px for thumbs.
The optional footer is fixed height with one line for the copyright info. As mentioned previously, the © symbol is created using ©
The font color, size and background color can be adjusted. There is a checkbox for adding a script to auto update the copyright year and another for adding a smooth scroll to the top chevron.

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