Mobile Footer

A responsive, sticky footer with built in tab links and an optional fade out and then in on scroll function. Although there is a choice of up to eight links with different features, in practice only four should be used and their text kept short enough to keep the tab block within the 320px content width.
The four tabs in this example are used to link to an info or contact page, a "Phone Me" button, an email link and a smooth scrolling, back to the top button.
Hyperlinks can be set up to internal pages by choosing the "Link to:" page or to an external page by checking a box and entering a relative or absolute file path.
When To Use It …
The footer can be used when it is not possible to use a widget with a built in footer.
A sticky footer takes up too much space when the page is viewed on a mobile phone so this one appears on page load but then fades out as the page is scrolled. The footer can then be faded back in after a preset scroll distance so that the links reappear fo the visitor's convenience to email, contact, get back to the top and so on.

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