Icon Links

These fingertip size links can be used to navigate to up to six social media sites and other external pages. The last two are for creating a phone and an email link.
The tabs use FontAwesome by default but can be switched to Google icons by checking a box.
NOTE: When inserting icon names which consist of more than one word, FontAwesome names have a hyphen between the words and Google icons use an underscore.
The icons can be changed from square to round by simply checking a box and can be styled for background color and opacity, border color and horizontal spacing.
Links are inserted by checking a box to display the tab, entering the icon name, setting its color and then entering the URL to the target page. This is mainly for linking to social media sites or external pages so the file path wil be an absolute one.
The tabs can also be used for linking to an internal page if required by inserting a relative file path.
The phone is inserted by checking the box, setting the icon color and entering the phone number in this format …
The email tab also has the icon name preset and has a control to set its color. There are fields for inserting the email address and the subject line. Tapping this button will open the visitor's email client so that all they need to do is type a response and send.
The widget tabs can either be set in position to scroll with the rest of the page content or to be fixed in position at a preset distance from the top or bottom of the device screen. When fixed positioning is used, the widget should be set to "Always On Top"' using the Arrange menu or the Metrics inspector.

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