Mobile Map Widget

One thing you really don't want on the mobile version of a website is an interactive map. The visitor gets stuck scrolling around in the map and can't scroll to see the rest of the page.
To avoid thr problem, this map is static and has the option to add a link to Google Maps in case the visitor wants to view an interactive version.
Map Controls
The map part of the widget has fields for entering the coordinates and alt text. The alt text attribute is there because the map is an image and iit can be used to help the search engines relate you site to its geographical locatiton.
There is a control for setting the zoom level and one for switching the map from square to landscape.
A center marker can be added and there is a choice of marker color.
The optional link to Google Maps appears in the top right colorner and both the descriptive and link text can changed if a different language is required.
This text and the heading above it are also created by the widget.
Map Key
Note that all new websites now need a Google API Key to be able to display a map. If the website requires one, check the "Add Map Key" box in the widget settings and enter the key prior to publishing.

Google Map My Location
View on Google Maps

This is an optional text block for adding info about the location. The item below is a centererd text area for entering the business address and other contact info.
The optional footer allows the creation of a fully responsive web page and has options for auto copyright year update and a smooth scroll to the top chevron.

My Business Name
PHONE: 0141-637-1330

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