Redirect Widget

The widget creates the code that redirects visitors on a mobile device to the mobile version and those on a tablet or computer to the full site. The widget will work when the mobile site is in the same project as the full site or if the mobile site is created in a separate project.

mobile redirect widget

The widget appears as a 20px square when dragged onto the EverWeb design canvas. In the Metrics inspector, check the box to "Allow free dragging" and drag it out of the way into the browser background.
Mobile Redirect
If the widget is being used to redirect from the mobile version of the site to the full site, enter the URL of the full site page.
Full Site Redirect
If it is being used to redirect from a full site page to a mobile page, enter the URL of the mobile page and check the box next to "Full Site".
If the full site and the mobile pages are all in the same project at the top level, the url will simply be "page-name.html".
If the mobile pages are in a directory named "mobile", the link from the full site page to the mobile page will be "mobile/mobile-page-name.html" and the link from the mobile page to the full site one will be "../page-name.html"
NOTE: If a page or directory name consists of two or more words, these must be separated by a hyphen - not a space. Page file names should be all lower case.
If the mobile website is created on a separate project file and uploaded as a directory in the root folder, the file paths will be the same as for the situation where the mobile site is published as a directory in the main site.
If the full site and the mobile one have directories themselves, these will need to be included in the file paths. See the page about File Paths for more info.
Break Point
The break point is set so that visitors using the largest size of iPhone in landscape mode will be redirected to the mobile version of the site. This can be changed to suit other situations.
For example, to redirect tablet users to the mobile site, increase the break point to 799px for tablets in portrait mode or 1059px for tablets on landscape mode.

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