Scrolling Panels

Scrolling panels
Image Caption

The article elements with the info can have a heading, image with alt text, caption and descriptive text.
There is a checkbox for selecting the image in each article so that panels can be created with just the heading and text.
To make the item responsive down to the width of an iPad in portrait mode, set the content width in the Page inspector to about 780px. To make it suitable for mobile phones, set the content width to 320px.
Header & Navigation
If a header with single level navigation is required, the Responsive Header & Nav can be used. It will switch to a "hamburger" dropdown on tablets and phones.

Image Only

scrolling panels

Text Only

The panels can show just the heading and text if required.
This section has a coloured background created with a 200px square image. The shape was created in Keynote, a screenshot taken and the image cropped to suitable dimensions.
The image is then inserted in the same way as the full size background images.
Text hyperlinks can be created as shown in the Info section and styled in the widget settings.
The optional footer has auto update of the copyright year and a smooth scroll to the top chevron tab.

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